About Us

A whole hearted smile effuses a number of positive emotions and aspirations. It’s our motive at Lotus Advanced Dental Care to provide you state-of-art, professional Oral Health Care and Dental Services, with a through and well-crafted diagnostic procedures developed by adopting best-practices from around the world and treatment techniques. It is our commitment to bring these practices and techniques to the benefit our patients and develop a comprehensive treatment/Dental care plan structured to suit individual patients and their habits.

Lotus Advanced Dental Care is an effort by professionals with years of experience in the Dental Health and Hygiene coming together to provide quality Dental Services at affordable prices. We at Lotus Advanced Dental Care understand the aesthetics of a good smile, and at the same time care for your oral health and strength of your denture, we always strive to retain and restore your denture to bring back your smile and confidence with treatments and implants to ensure that the procedures are as seamless and painless as possible, all the while keeping in mind that our treatment should make you satisfied and comfortable.

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